Lavender Season of Open Doors


A couple of years ago I had a word about open doors. I totally had forgotten about it..So I  looked it up on Elijah list. It was not the same as this season of open doors.

There are times and seasons in the spiritual realm, and there are times and seasons in the spiritual realm in your own life.

As I was reading a prophetic word  on the internet I suddenly began to go into a vision. When I say “go into” the vision it means that you see a picture of something and suddenly you are there IN IT.  I am sure that this has happened to you – if not, just remind  God that you are included in all OF the spirit realm and believe these wonderful spiritual things are part of your life.

I saw a large white house like one of the old southern mansions. I looked at it and then the next minute I was standing inside the house. I saw it was large and airy and very light hallways. There were doors off to the left and right and a couple of doors at the end of the hallway I was standing in.  There were other hallways though to my left and right. The whole house was full of and peace and joy.

I was enjoying this house. Suddenly a wind rushed into the house. The wind carried an aroma with it. I haven’t thought of the wind having aromas  before, but the wind does carry perfumes of course. It smelled like Lavender, delightful.
I have a book about what the various aromas and colors mean on my website.

I love listening to the wind in the trees. I stand outside my house sometimes just to listen.  Bob Jones said to me a couple of times, “When you hear the wind in the trees, there is a lot of angelic activity.”

The wind just rushed into the house and down the hallways. Does it seem strange to say the wind was laughing? It seemed like that to me and I started laughing too.  I saw doors spring open on the left and right. This wind seemed to swish away some dust as it went.

I actually saw that it knocked some things over, one thing I saw  was a trophy, but it was not a bad thing. It was a good thing. Sometimes there are things around in our lives that need to go…. even if they seem good. A “good” thing is not necessarily a God thing. Maybe your pet theology will get knocked over in a move of God. When I came into a great revival years ago I had so many things that were knocked off the shelf of my mind and belief system.

When the wind rushed into the kitchen at the end of the hallway,  I saw several electrical things start working all on their own. I Especially noticed a mixer which already had something in the bowl ready to be mixed.

I wondered about that and I thought about some moves of God like the Hebrides revival, when God showed up in response to their faith and did all kinds of awesome amazing things. As Isaiah  says, “When you did awesome things which we looked not for, you came down and the mountains quaked at your presence.” (Or mixers started by themselves.)  God loves it when we stop striving and start believing. Sometimes God doesn’t wait for us to switch on the “mixer,” He just does it anyway.

Some of you know my story of the doors that miraculously appeared at Sydney airport. Three times a physical door appeared for me there.

In the vision saw many doors opening suddenly – but you know Jesus is the door, He can be a door at any time and in any place. That’s what He told me when doors miraculously physically appeared in Sydney airport. I wrote an article about that whole experience. The wind is blowing open the doors but remember, it’s not hard for God because Jesus IS the door.

I thought about the Lavender aroma that came with the wind.

Lavender means purity and also NEW BEGINNINGS. I believe there is also an element of Englishness. I do have a lot of different aromas in my meetings.  Whenever I smell Lavender or Lilac I find there is at least one person in the meeting who is English. A couple of times when I was speaking I saw a vision of a lavender bush in front of someone and sure enough they were going to England.

Some Biblical scholars say that Spikenard was the biblical Lavender. Mary anointed Jesus feet with Spikenard. (Mark 14:3-5) Anointing or washing of feet usually meant an acknowledgment of a “sent one.” When Jesus washed the disciples feet He was not just showing humility but acknowledging  that they also were “Sent ones”  as He was.

Lavender is also calming. Jesus slept in the storm. Paul and Silas sang praises to God in the middle of an earthquake, well I believe they caused the earthquake because they were in an inner prison (that’s a prison inside a prison) with their feet in the stocks and their backs bleeding. But the earthquake didn’t rattle them, the prison doors flew open and they led the jailor to the Lord – and his house.

In the Song of Solomon chapter four the soft south wind blew the spices from the garden and caused seeds to be planted in other places. Your ministry by the spirit can go out among the nations and bring the seeds which have been plated in you. This prophetic article I am writing now in San Antonio will sow seeds in many nations as the wind blows upon it.

I’ve been in a meeting where my husband was ministering and a wind blew so strong into the building no one could move. They were transfixed in the place they were sitting or standing. The wind rushed in and then left. People got delivered from different things during those few moments.

Trust God’s winds. Be open – embrace the wind. Jesus is the reason for the season of winds. He’s the reason for every season in your life. He loves you, He knows what He’s doing. Let go and let God.

He thinks about you  and makes plans for you while you are sleeping.
Kathie Walters